Monday, November 22, 2010

Bidding For Good

Today is the opening of the Shambhala Sun's On-line Auction. Just in time for Christmas shopping! Is that a Buddhist oxymoron? Or does that make me a moron for suggesting that Buddhists should do Christmas shopping? Oh, help get me out of this tangle! At any rate there are some pretty fine treasures and retreats over at the auction site including a piece by moi! This is my second year participating and I love it. Last year a woman bought my piece for her husband's office and I shipped this little surprise directly to him. It was fun to know the story and to be part of the gift giving process.

But I am always honoured to be able to offer a little something to such worthy players. It was fun to watch the bidding on my piece at the recent SFT auction. This is such an easy, fulfilling way to be able to offer what seems uniquely "me" to the cause of supporting the Dharma. Am I getting into the hot water of ego (who is this me?) and desire (shopping?) Okay time for me to go back to the cave. There's a lot of cave talk these days, especially here. And of course it is the season for hibernation. Let me lumber off.....


  1. Thank you for the kind nod to my blog! :) Hopefully I will have some "Cave Writings" this week :) With gratitude... Christine

  2. You know... I just cut back my work hours because you inspired me to live life more fully... Now I have to go find schekles to bid on your art?! This double bind has all the makings of an enso! :-)

    I'm so proud to have you in my little circle of "Talented Artist People I know"! (EGO!) Because I'm a good Buddhist, however, I shall only shower you all with adoration and forebear sillinesses like buying you things. :-D

    (I hope your painting goes to someone really special like my husband who will know exactly what to do with it!)