Friday, July 2, 2010

Dharma Jewelery & Zen Confections

Here is the little sister enso of the one I posted last time. The first part of the fun is creating the textured ground and then the deliciously goopy resin-like enso paint gets dripped on like cake icing. mmmm, I'm getting hungry. I'll have a large slice of enso with a double scoop of sukkha, a lovely Zen confection. But my foolish streak is getting tangled with my sweet tooth and if I'm not careful I might need a chiropractic adjustment (of the spiritual kind, of course).

As the days pass and life goes on, the little box cars of disappointment and sadness that have been passing over the terrain are trailing off in the distance. Disappointing house news. Several days pass. A pleasant phone call comes in. An art opening takes place. The garden needs water. Canada Day Fireworks. We pop into an eco-builder's open house. Each activity, like a delicate sheet of tissue paper adds an ethereal cloudy layer to what went before. The brilliant present fades into the foggy past. It is always that way, I think. The more difficult the situation, the more story we give it, the more extended the fade out process. If we can find our way to just let things be, their dream like quality makes itself known to us. If we keep tearing up and pulling off the layers of tissue, we prolong the process, contributing to our own suffering.

And while the intensity of experience fades with time, it is different than pushing it away. We're not beating off our sadness with ice cream or new shoes. We're just letting impermanence run its course. So while we're not indulging in comestibles or new wardrobe items Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche recommends the following jewellery: "Difficulties are like the ornaments of a good practitioner. Dharma is not practiced perfectly amidst pleasant circumstances."

What are your ornaments?


  1. "Difficulties are like the ornaments of a good practitioner. Dharma is not practiced perfectly amidst pleasant circumstances."

    Excellent enso/food for thought. I hadn't tuned into the icing like quality of the paint before...I like seeing the added dimension.

    OK...thanks for asking.
    My current ornament, my jewellery, is this darn broken right paw.
    how do you spell temporary? :-)

  2. My ornaments... finally saying goodbye to a relationship that has not had closure for a year (to the day). My insides feel empty and I am breathing again. Like a mobile with a central solid red bulb and dangling sparkles of blue and orange. Do those colours clash? ;-)

    Deep bows for your guidance.

  3. A health limitation and with that a disappointment...days I've spent refusing (I hope kindly) to get into a long story about it and now I find the sting seems to have past me by and I acknowledge it but without the pain.

  4. There is deep resonance with your post here that is written so profoundly! And such wonderful timing! Synchronicity?

    "The more difficult the situation the more story we give it." Yes, I see that. And I have to admit - the ice cream is tasting really good :)

    My ornaments: the dance I am currently dancing with my mother :)and the challenges that that brings...including believing the story that my mind loves to tell about this dance that we've been doing for so long...

    Thank you for the perspective!

  5. The ups and downs of life-- the small things that add up-- you have a very profound post here- and what a coincidence-- I have been thinking for days now about my next blog post which will be on the Japanese Enso circle.

  6. I really like the end quote...
    if everything were perfect, how many of us would ever have sought out the path?

  7. Thanks everyone for sharing your jewellery! That's what makes life so interesting, we all have different jewellery! I once heard someone say that what you perceive as your biggest flaw, is actually your greatest asset; an interesting comment to ponder. The flip side of stubbornness is tenacity, greed converts to generosity.

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