Monday, June 7, 2010

Heading To The Dump

Photo Fun

Now how much fun is this? I was visiting Alicia Tormey's wonderful art blog where she shared the site. I just had to hustle over there and try it. Is this my 15 minutes of fame or was that 15 seconds? You can dump in photos or artwork and amuse yourself. I'm not sure I like the frame but who am I to argue with a large (fake) public gallery.

What is it they say about fame and gain? Blame & shame, they're all the same. It's all about where we look for our validation? Or if we need validation, maybe that's more to the point. No matter how much we know it, we still catch ourselves looking somewhere for it. Or feeling insecure when it isn't offered. I sent a photo of a commission off today to someone and when they didn't respond with positive comments right away, off when the little alarm buzzer.

Just doing a commissioned piece is good practice or a form of torture, depending on how you stand in front of the canvas. It is either suffering that leads to more suffering or suffering that leads to the end of suffering. Or do I need to suffer at all? Instead of just working away I find myself immediately jumping in to judge it from my imagined viewpoint of the recipient. Note to self: Untie yourself from these twisted little knots. You'll never paint in that contorted position.

And often the artists I admire the most are the ones who do their art for the sheer joy of it or do it for themselves, never caring about whether they sell a scrap of it or not, whether anyone likes it or not. There is a freedom in that position that is reflected in the work. And whether you like their work or not you can admire their inner focus and their lack of regard for the opinion and confirmation of others. I am checking out their position on the map and getting out my spiritual gps gadget to head up that road. And in the meanwhile happy dumping.


  1. I tried this and had such a good time viewing my work in a big gold frame with interested you said 15 min. of fame!

  2. That image really had me going for a minute! "Wow, I had NO idea her works were so huge!" ^-^

  3. ROFL! Ya got me!!!! I felt this moment of envy... Y-knot-me???

    Way too cool, Lady. Thanks for a great start to my day!

  4. Ah - imagination is a wonderful thing, isn't it!? :) Had me going there for a minute - thinking Wow! She *is* impressive!

    Thanks for the fun (and the wisdom :)

  5. I love it!!
    got me too...and I'm still smiling.

    Hey the ol' fame/disgrace polarity is a one of many my hits of that when a very hip jazz club commissioned stunning mural to be installed above the gorgeous hand built bar and then... during installation ... proceeded to cut nine large holes through various areas of the top edge to accomodate the exposed loft ceiling pipes.

    Dang ol' impermanence.

  6. how much fun and wonder-- have to try it.. your posts are always so wise and inspirational

  7. Something to be said for working BIG - YBAs know that :) hence their fame . . .

    But since fame is not relevant to you (or is it? :)) why bother . . .

    On a more serious note, I just love how you catch yourself so well, in all the meanderings of deluded mind. And how you manage to convey your inner experience in such a lovely fashion. Reading you is like eating out of the Buddha's well. Only he's got an edgy artist frock on!

    By the way, that Buddha artwork of yours does look awesome big. Something to think about, if you are so inclined.

    Deep bow to you, sister!

  8. Wow! I sat right up my chair when that picture appeared on the screen! Amazing! But now, knowing it's not for real, and despite the whole fame-blame stuuf, it's got to be said that your picture looks mighty fine (and right at home) in that frame in that gallery!

    Marcus _/\_

  9. Hmmm so tricky to find the road of not caring about what people feel about art...

    and allowing the space and freedom for the accidents to flow.

  10. carole! i found the post! now i'm gonna try 'dumping' some pictures. : )