Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wandering Down Memory Lane (My 7 Links)

Winter In The Pacific Northwest

I was invited by the lovely Donna Iona Drozda of Following The Moon to be part of ‘My 7 Links’ project. Of course I felt pleased to have been chosen, but once pride left the building, sloth and torpor moved in while I considered the work involved. But then I thought it might be fun to look back over my blog posts, so off I trundled into the deep woods of blog posts past.
The idea is to go back to your own posts and find one to fit each of the 7 categories, then ‘choose’ 5 more bloggers to do the same, and so on, and so on.
The project is described as a way of “uniting bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint venture.

The following are the 7 categories:

Most beautiful post

Most popular post

Most controversial post

Most helpful post

Most “surprisingly successful” post

Most neglected post

and finally….the post that makes them most proud  

So here goes:

  1. Most Beautiful:  Blush.  Here's the deal.  In western culture we suffer from the cult of "not good enough" and so it feels odd to call something we have created "beautiful".  But here's to changing habits and creating new neural pathways.  I like this post because it felt lyrical.
     It's about a magical retreat I went to here on Salt Spring where someone kissed a cow and French man read Pablo Neruda poetry to me.

    Most Popular: goes to the post with the most comments.  That's scientific right?  The numbers never lie?  It's a post called "A Malpractice Suit" from Aug 5th of this year about the realization that sometimes I use the Dharma to beat myself up with!  Apparently my twisted-ness attracted some attention.

    Most Controversial:  My blog is not exactly a snake pit of controversy but maybe someone out there might be offended by Brad Warner singing "Buddha Was A Good Ol' Boy"  It's a little post I wrote about seeing Warner speak in Victoria and finding he is a lot less controversial in person than he is in his books and blog posts.  Anyway enjoy his little ditty here.  He may get you humming.

    Most Helpful Post:  I picked a post called "Enjoy Your Difficulties" because, well, it's not that easy to do, so I figured we could all use a little help in this department.  It's from March of 2009 so a lot of current readers of this blog probably wouldn't have read it and they might get a kick out of seeing me as a blog toddler.

    Most Surprisingly Successful Post:  Well I'm always surprised when they're successful and how do you judge that anyway?  Again I picked a post with a larger number of comments than usual.  You vote with your comments, right?  It's called "Hearing The Still Small Voice"  from Jan 2011

    Most neglected post: Well when I first started blogging, that could cover quite a few posts! but I chose "What Do You Expect?" from Jan 12, 2009, not to long after I started posting.  It's about our many expectations, subtle and not so subtle.

    Post the made me most proud:  Well I'd have to say it's the one I wrote about being with my mother when she died.  I posted it the day after she died.  It's called "Quickly The Body Passes Away" from Aug 30, 2009

    And the blogs I love and visit regularly that I invite to join me in this little project are as follows & with a little post script saying if this seems like it's not your cuppa or you're up to your eyeballs in other projects, not to worry:

    Mystic Meandering

    Lynne Hoppe

    Art It

    108 Zen Books

    Michelle Meister


  1. VERY much enjoyed this one, Carole, great to go back with you, as I'm still working my way through your archives. ;o) ((Love & Light))

  2. Thank you dear ZDS for the link, I am humbled. I will come back and read all your 7 links to your blog that you chose! I'm afraid my cup runneth over right now, so may not make it through my own blog. But am curious to read your picks! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! You are just too awesome for words. I love the links to your posts and even remember reading some of them hot off the keyboard.

    I am swamped but in desperate need for a reason to procrastinate. Hah! Thank you, dear friend. I shall spend the weekend trudging backwards into my old history.

    Oh Fun!

  4. but once pride left the building, sloth and torpor moved... oh my dear carole, what a good laugh this was... ain't it the truth?

    and then, lol! there was my name at the end!

    now i'm gonna go read the post that made you most proud...


  5. oh my... that is a beautiful post...


  6. I just finished walking down memory lane with you, reading the posts you picked. Believe it or not I started collecting your posts, and quotes from your posts in a file when I first started reading them back in Feb. 2009. :) Yep, I have a file on you. So I pulled it out tonight, and one of the posts I have that spoke to me back then (and now) was "Doing My Part" from May 8, 2009... I also remember "What Do You Expect" and loved re-reading "Hearing the Still Small Voice."

    I want to thank you for reminding me, in your writings, of the simplicity and directness of life experience, and that, as you said in one of your posts way back when - "we are always standing at the edge of the unknown..."

    Hugs and Bows... Christine

  7. oh, oh, someone has a file on me! that's too funny! at least it's a kindred spirit! that's the good news and the bad news all rolled into one, standing on the edge of the unknown, now if only we could relax into that when the going gets tough and know that we are always given what we need. many bows and a hug to you!

  8. You're a very good sport Zendot to have taken this task to heart...and we are the benefactors...your posts are so rich and laden with the powerful reminders that are ever helpful in the busyness of it all...I'm so happy that "the sloth and torpor" moved aside

  9. Oh my gosh! I have been missing some very good stuff! Now to the archives...excelsior!

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