Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dharma Dreams

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And now for something completely different (okay so I swiped that line from Monty Python) and have attached it to this little canned video I created over at Animoto to amuse myself. And of course amusement is fine if in fact it doesn't become your sole purpose in life or a means to escape your life. It can be simply a small dollop of pleasure, like a lick of ice cream as it traces its way down your throat. I think perhaps this one is a small frivolous smidge of raspberry sorbet. Enjoy!


  1. What fun and tasty like butter pecan ice cream! I like it all...the choices were varied and fun to watch what was fading and what was coming forward...very clever!

  2. Love the different ways you have been exploring, of staging your art . . . Thank you for this small moment of lightness.

    With much metta to you!


  3. but you shared it with us, which made it oh so worthwhile!! raspberry sorbet times a hundred!!!

    can you see the big smile you just gave me? : )


  4. That's a neat video! It does does a great job of highlighting your different works. And I reallly like the Tara/Avalokitesvara at about 14seconds!