Monday, June 29, 2009

Hanging Out With The Pink Buddha

Pink Buddha
Acrylic on Matte Board
8" x 8" matted, image dimension 3.75 "x 4.5"
$25  free shipping in North America

I was wondering what to say about this little pink Buddha.  First I thought I might talk about the colour "pink" so I looked through my favourite book about colour (all about colour, by Janice Lindsay).   I toyed with regaling you with facts about pink.  Perhaps telling you that pink is calming and jail cells are often painted pink for this reason, weightlifters cannot do as many bench presses in a pink room as in a red one.  "And before WW ll pink was for boys because it was considered red's little brother".  But I decided against any of that.

I think I painted this little pink Buddha because the Buddha is always with me in some way, riding around on my shoulder or in my pocket, peeking out at me, patiently observing my human bumbling.  Some days I easily get caught and confused but today I somehow managed to slide along the surface of the day, without creating or getting drawn into any drama or stories.  I talked to a realtor, several friends, had to pay our taxes, organize passport documents, and my neighbour who teaches me many things offered an opportunity for me to watch my anger rise like a little brush fire and then left unattended it sputtered out.  
Today was a study in impermanence and faith.  The scenery and conversations were like passing clouds.   Can't give me a ride (a little internal grumble) and then it's okay.  Not the news I wanted to hear regarding real estate (a little internal grumble) and then a sense that I could have faith that everything would work out in the end, even if I didn't quite know how.  Unhooked and seemingly unattached to outcomes I skimmed lightly along like one of those little air hockey pucks.  I could acknowledge that the universe doesn't exist to please me and I could sense the confusion in those who seemed unthoughtful.  

It was fun to watch.  And I have no answer as to why some days I can be put off my game without much provocation and then there are days like to day  where I can somehow feel unattached to outcomes.  When I make comments like this to my kind teacher, she will often say, "it is the fruits of your training," but at some level it feels like a bit of a synergistic mystery to me.

So it is a day that I feel thankful for because it felt harmonious and peaceful and yet I know that sometimes the days I learn the most are the difficult days, fraught with challenge and dark feelings.  They are all good in the grand scheme of things.  But today the Buddha was pink and calming and for that respite I am truly grateful.


  1. Oooooo - beautiful Bhudda - and blog... As always so full and inspiring. She just might be "the one" with my name on it, but want to wait for the rest of your 30 days of art and see what calls to me the most :) Christine

  2. Not sure what this will evolve into, but it's supposed to be a blog for artists and writers who are buddhists. I joined to see what unfolds. Figured I'd pass it along.

  3. Ah it is interesting, Christine. I never know what's going to materialize myself!

    And thanks for the heads up Nathan. I will check it out. There are so many amazing sites out there. It's all more than my little pea brain can hold!

  4. Hi Carole ~

    I wanted to purchase this littel Pink Buddha, but when I click on the "Buy Now" button it takes me to a PayPal page which requires *your* email address, and doesn't say what I'm purchasing - just how much money I'm sending. I'd prefer to use credit card anyway, which it didn't indicate how to do. Sorry to leave this on the comment section, but didn't have another way to contact you :) Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Christine