Friday, December 23, 2011

New Loves, Old Habits, & Gingerbread Cookies

You always knew this about me but I am going to say it out loud now.  I am a little slow.  In many ways, but especially technologically speaking.  I just discovered tumblr.  Roll your eyes now and get it over with.  Yawn a little perhaps.  There, now you've recovered.  I know it is so last decade.  But there you have it, I belong to the cybersnail family, a slowly evolving form of life in this brave new world.

It happened like this. I fell the other day and gave my knee a good bang.  And some good Dharma unravelled.  Down the same old roads of anger and fear and worry.  Boringly intense.  And such a quick flash fire.  Old habits didn't require much stirring to surface, just a bang on the knee.  I could watch and see what I was doing, knowing full well that the stories were not helpful, and yet.....  I followed them like a hungry puppy.

Next morning, lying in bed, chewing over the sore knee (that sounds physically awkward and animal like, don't you think?), I was looking at a couple of tumblr sites.  My daughter came to console the grumpy mom, look at my knee and had me signed on to tumblr and reblogging art that I loved in an instant.  Suddenly the mood had changed and I was smitten.  How quickly we can make that turn.  Or how long we can wallow, given the appropriate circumstances.  Ah, for wise and kind companions.

While my new love, tumblr and I are quite happy together, I am reminded for the gazillionth time of how we have a choice of the stories we tell ourselves.  We can run the poor me video, with it's hungry ghost sound track or we can simply be with what is and even find things that engage our imaginations and hearts.

So I am in this euphoric state of new love, as I was when I first started blogging. (The knee is recovering with the help of traumeel and arnica).  I have disappeared down the tumblr hole and am blown away in the same way I was when I discovered the blog world.  I am amazed at the human imagination, it's wide span and the depth of it's incredible talent.  The art and design out there warms my heart and feeds my soul.  So check out my new tumblr site to see what is catching my eye.  As well as art there is an endless well of great design sites, craft sites, architecture, whatever your pleasure.  I am especially enjoying a site called "Unconsumption"  Visit tumblr, be inspired.  Oh, sorry, the rest of you are already there.

And for a little extra treat, check out the music video posted on Ox herding today.  It's strangely pleasing  and ethereal video called "The Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + The Machine.

These are my holiday treats for you!  All wrapped up in  cellophany cyber gift wrap.  Add coffee and shortbread or tea and ginger cookies and enjoy!


  1. Hooray! Welcome to another Dark Side Rabbit Hole. Love the tumblr content and thrilled to be sharing with you.

    Have a wonderful celebration and hope the knee heals so you can dance the year away!

  2. yes, I have come over to the dark side and as with all dark sides it has a mezmerizing quality! Yes, must start dancing soon! I know you are having fun doing your Buddhist snow shoveling then perhaps warming up with a little eggnog and treats perhaps? Best to you, dear frostbitten one!

  3. You're back! Have been thinking of you! Sorry to hear about the knee... I have not fallen down the tumblr hole yet :) But will go check out your new site. Sometimes there are lovely "treats" waiting for us when we hit the bottom of the barrel :) Sorry couldn't resist :) Hope your knee doesn't keep you hob-gobbled too long!

  4. PS - I tried to go to your tumblr link, but evidently *I* have to register and start a tumblr site as well... Darn. Not quite ready for primetime :)

  5. Mystic - I think you can look at tumblr site without being a member. I had previously followed a couple sites that showed art that I loved without being a member. But once you're a member you can like and reblog items. Try another peek.

    Yes the knee is mending quite nicely!

  6. Zendot, I too got the screen that said I must register at tumblr. so i didnt see your choices. i have seen some sites and frankly am not taken with the idea. dont get it somehow. oh well. glad you are having fun and hop your knee feels better and that you have a lovely holiday. your doorway is very pretty.

  7. okay, my status as a complete luddite has been confirmed! My in house technical assistance found that the link to tumblr on my blog was to my dashboard and not my "page". This has now been corrected and should work! Apparently I require supervision when a computer is involved!

  8. YOU are such an inspiration! Always something new. I had heard the name Tumblr, but didn't know anything about it. And I followed your link... beautiful stuff! I still don't understand Tumblr but it does look fun.

    Your porch lights are so warm— It's warm here too. Minneapolis has NO SNOW! Everyone is giddy. We can walk and drive without slipping. Hopefully your knees will take you outside soon again, too.

    Joy and best wishes to you and your family!

  9. love that you found the positive side of your knee injury - so uplifting - for me tumblr is a giant 'time black hole' that I personally can't afford to give time to right now, but will check out your page for sure - I want to wish you extreme good fortune for the upcoming year - love coming to your blog - always leave with a smile on my face xo

  10. Welcome to my world of slow, snail slow club... I discovered Tumblr a year ago and have been planning to start my own tumblr site for a whole year! it is wonderful though.. happy holiday and have a terrific new year.

  11. Kris - It has been explained to this luddite that tumblr is like micro-blogging. Really it is perfect for visual artists as all you need to post and look at are images. And it is wonderful to have images that inspire dancing in your head! Best of the season and new year to you and yours!

    Jeane - My daughter is warning of the black hole factor! I think it could be for a while for me but I don't like to sit for too long so I can see the charm of tumbling down the hole will wear off. Yes happy holidays and best to you for the year ahead. I look forward to being continually inspired by your work and process.

    layers - ah, yes the tactile among us somehow have a hard time getting to these cyber things. At first tumblr didn't make that much sense to me but then a quick tutorial and I was hooked. It's a great way to promote artists you love and also to find new artists to love!
    Yes, happy holidays and best of this year we are fast forwarding towards.

  12. Thanks Carole!

    I must admit to a bit of resistance to adding yet another destination to my cyber map . . .

    And I rejoice at your newly found world on tumblr. Katherine Rand from On the Precipice blog has been very active there for quite some time. You may want to pay her a visit (not sure though what she has been up to lately!)

  13. Hi Marguerite- yes before I knew it she had popped up on tumblr as a follower. I do love her writing and depth of her Dharma exploration. I need to pay more attention to her! Like you I keep the trails of my cyber trails a bit simple.

    Loved your post today and offered a bit of it up on my fb site but couldn't figure out how to get it to link to you! perhaps I will be less of a luddite in my next go round??