Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Dharma Is Everywhere

The Dharma is everywhere, it infuses everything, just waiting for us to stumble upon it. Sometimes it is screaming in our face, "wake up" and sometimes it is peeking out, shyly, in it's humourous little incarnation giving us a nudge and a poke.

My partner took this picture at a garden centre and he said it reminded him of the last lines in the movie "I Heart Huckabees" where some folks are going to a protest gathering. One character says., "bring your own chains." The protagonist quips back, "we always do." I love that movie!

But I digress, before I even start. I must confess to the guilty pleasure of reading the 3 giant Steig Larson mysteries. Not something I would ever have imagined reading. They were given to me by dear friends, saying try it, you might like it. I have teased that they are a bit like crack, once I started I have a hard time staying away. Now these books base their attraction on creating polarized heroes and villains, some intrigue and mystery, sex, politics and lots of suspense. No great writing here just a cliffhanger that pulls you forward. The author has an uncanny knack of turning just about everyone who reads this stuff into a cheering section for an odd hero on her journey.

I have wondered why I am reading them, except for the delicious experience of kicking back and disappearing into another world. But last weekend when I went out into the garden I discovered the Dharma of "The Girl Who Played With Fire". I was faced with a garden gloriously responding to the sun and copious quantities of rain. It was a garden overflowing with weeds. Spritely yellow dandelion heads were everywhere. My habitual response to situations like this is to feel overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed and it sucks the energy out of me. I don't know where to start and the job seems too enormous. When this happens I work away in a despairing kind of way. I am not having fun and all manner of knowing how to approach a task seem to disappear. It is always a disheartening and grim experience with serious karmic overtones.

But suddenly I was grasped by the tenacious energy of a few of the characters in the "crack novels". Those characters reminded me of the will to keep going against all odds and somehow I was reminded to lighten up, enjoy the day and keep working, one weed at a time. It turned the whole situation around. So there is the surprising vote for reading things that might seem unlikely. The Dharma IS everywhere. Everything, everyone has something to offer if we only put on our Dharma headsets and tune in. Happy hunting.


  1. Hey if it takes a bit of 'crack' (in whatever form) to create a shift then so be it...all for the least you use it all to remain conscious, awake and aware...
    you're also highly entertaining as a dharma-muse.
    All good.
    Hope you had/are having a fine re-birthday.

  2. Hi, I was on Sheila Norgate's blog when and clicked here to see your blog and your art. I am an artist living in Nanaimo. Look forward to following this blog. When you have a few moments come visit mine.

  3. Beautiful discovery! I got into reading novels a few years back as well and believe it or not they "woke me up" to being acutely aware of the Aliveness of/in everything - even the Turkey roasting in the oven was alive with sound. The sound was absolutely exquisite as if hearing each sizzle and crackle for the first time. I stood by the oven in amazement. Who knew... :)

  4. merci - shifts, crack, hmm sounding like an earthquake, of the spiritual variety of course. and I've always been a sucker for trying to get a laugh, even when I was a kid!

    Mandy -Fish- Thanks!

    Carole - so glad to meet someone who knows how to spell Carole! Cyber visit #1 made. Love your colour sense. Looking forward to more exploration. Glad to meet a sort of neighbour!

    MeANderi - it's interesting isn't it, how small unlikely things can wake us up??! it's about being open, don't you think?

  5. So many lessons waiting to be learned, cleverly disguised as the strangest things - and your blog is one of my favourite places to find them!

  6. David - We are strangers in a strange land, don't you think?? Now if only I could relax and have more fun with all the strangeness!!

  7. Yes, being open and aware - listening from within - which you do so well :) BTW - I forgot you are Vegan so forgive the reference to Turkey roasting :)

  8. So true Carole...everywhere!