Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Movement of the Year

2010 was about transitions for me. Change and movement were key words as we said good-bye to the home we'd lived in for 13 years and the city we'd lived in for 30 years. We were homeless for a time, living in a friends basement suite for a couple of weeks, taking to the road like gypsies(as our daughter told her friends). And finally landing on a new island, orienting ourselves and moving from a temporary home to one we decided to buy. Accompanied along the way by the ups and downs of doubt and joy, adventure, wonder and discomfort and the unknown. Life: the mixed bag we put our hand into and never quite know what we'll pull out.

Here's a little photo journey through the year.

Moving day January 2010

Last wistful look out the front window

Gypsy Life begins
Making Friends in Taos, NM
And how could you not take route 66, given the opportunity??
Found my way back to the coast (just south or Santa Barbara)

Finally landing on Salt Spring Island April 2010, home to many gentle sheep & artists
Sharing the joys of country life - ah the clothes line! Aug 2010
September brings a new home, Buddha discovers a Zendo
Winter in the country sometimes means no power! November 2010
Toss in a little reno work for added craziness & stir!


  1. Thank you Master Chef ZDS for sharing your journey down memory lane! - and the the recipe that life really is made of change and movement..."living the unknown life." I like that phrase :) Living movement to movement - concocting our lives from whatever ingredients we pull out of the bag ... I like that too...

    Bon appetite and quiet living... Christine

  2. ah! thank you for this tour of your year, carole! i'm smiling... : ) xoxo

  3. Hotei's bag of goodies! The picture of Taos brings back great memories - to think we were in the same place at the same time!

    Beautiful pixlog, Carole. Lovely flavours!

  4. dang... edit didn't take...

    "To think we were in the same place at the same time and missed each other!"

  5. MeANderi - wishing you much equanimity! I see the pictures from your year, those dogs next door, the coyote, the old fashioned beauty salon with your mom, those grocery store trips!

    Lynne - always a pleasure and so sweet when I can offer a smile in return for the many I get from your blog

    108ZB - Yes that was strange to be cruising the same neck of the woods in March. To think we even tried to come sit at Upaya but they were too full to take extras in the Zendo! Definitely traveling the same path together.

  6. Amazing tour of your year. I remember when you were traveling like gypsies. I thought you were moving to the States at first.

    Breathtaking view of the snow in your new place. Although, the loss of power adds a challenging element to the mix.

    Looking forward to sharing the new year with you in blogland!

  7. Thank you Carole! How sweet that you remembered all that! Yes we both have quite a collage of life don't we :) Yes, equanimity - impervious to turmoil - that would be good to remember too!- that our True Nature remains untouched by it all... :)

  8. Homage to your year of pilgrimage and to the zendo reno and to all that lies before you...a beautifully mindful Art/Life lived.


  9. Gallery Juana - always a pleasure and yes looking forward to this new year of art, blogging and the travels of your sketchbook.

    MeANderi - the essential truth and teachings in these stories of life have a way of etching themselves into our minds! ah, Buddha nature.

    merci 33 - and a new year to look forward to following the moon and now off to do experience my visions and dreams for this new year!

  10. a beautiful journey Carole...thank you for sharing these highlights:)