Monday, November 23, 2009

Buddha's Auction

Just a little reminder that The Shambhala Sun On-line Auction officially kicks off today with lots of great goodies. Proceeds go to supporting a worthwhile spiritual publication. Check it out at

Well we can think of desire and attachment to stuff or we can think of generosity and the spirit of giving. Or maybe we can be like a juggler and hold all of these in our mind at the same time. Or maybe we can just be in the present moment with the colour and words and the clicking of the keyboard, perhaps the fragrance of the cup of tea that is keeping us company. As my Zen teacher always says, "We have more options than we think."


  1. your post on Buddha are interesting--since my trip to Japan I have been reading up on Zen-- and the influence on rock gardens and how the monks did everything out of reverence for Buddha.

  2. about all those options we feel intuitively? I often find they are more trust worthy than the chaotic ones my thoughts invent.